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Civil society is wholly dependent upon the symbiosis between the fundamental principles of liberty: free agency, responsibility, and accountability. When these principles are balanced and in harmony with the individual citizens, Liberty then can act as a catalyst in elevating synergy within the community and society. These synergies will lead to stronger spiritual well being, greater productivity, improved health, and development of wealth.

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Mobius Strip Press Authors

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MobiusStripPress: A continuum of relative narratives

Constitutional Orthodoxy:

Constitutional Orthodoxy is adhering to the codified processes that were established within the Constitution as defined by the States (founders) during the ratification process.  Consequently, the founders dictated and enumerated the limitations and scope of the general government as a delegated entity within the Hybrid Constitutional Republic.  Returning to Constitutional Orthodoxy is the only course that will preserve the Constitution, Individual Liberty, and the Republic.


Mobius Strip Press Authors are:


  1. The first book “We the People: Whose Constitution is it Anyway – A Constitutional Fix to a Constitutional Problem” is co-authored by G. R. Mobley and D. E. Mobley, in honor of the authors father who lost his battle to cancer Oct 27th 2011. 

  2. The second book “We the People: The Strategy to Convene a Convention - For Republic Review" is co-authored by G. R. Mobley and D. E. Mobley, and is the follow-on to the first book.

About the author

G. R. Mobley

BIO: G. R. Mobley is a Retired Marine who has worked and served in the Intelligence Community, either as a discipline leader or an engineering leader for over 35 years. With a passion for history and government, he has been a life-long self-educator and student our founding documents.  He has have committed his life to public service and leadership in one form or another and now hosts his own show on KSBN radio called “Reclaiming the Republic.”  This service started with the Boy Scouts of America, which initiated his drive to constantly seek higher levels of understanding and education.  He has been certified for five military occupational specialties as well as completing a BSBM.  He turned his analytical focus and insight into scouring historical references and source documents of the birth of the Republic, to bring to light relevant information regarding our hybrid Constitutional Republic that has been obfuscated by the secular progressives and has identified that the necessary power has always resided with the sovereign’s (i.e. States and the People) to save our Constitution.  Serving this Republic with writing three books and publishing two was fueled by his passion to preserve individual liberty and sovereignty; therefore, he is deeply concerned for America’s future as it continues to surrender to secular progressive subjugation and socialism, indolence, and self-indulgence.  He writings and his message will convince reasonable people that the Constitution and the Republic can be saved if the States will only assert their authority within the Republic.  This desire and intent is to restore America to its' greatness, must be based upon natural law and the principles that the framers relied upon in the founding of this nation before it is too late. As many authors spell out doom for our Republic, G. R. Mobley offers an insightful and positive look at America’s history and a positive direction for its future with attainable solutions that fit strictly within the confines of the U. S. Constitution as it was ratified by the original thirteen States. 


Email contact for the author is: grmobley[at]

D. E. Mobley

D. E. Mobley was born at the beginning of one of America’s greatest trials (the Depression) as a part of the “Greatest Generation,” and passed at the beginning of what many are calling America’s darkest hours or the eve of our destruction.  He clearly voiced his alarm about the secular progressive movement and worked his life in contributing to individual liberty and sovereignty in as many worthwhile causes as possible.  He attempted to enlist in the Korean War to serve his country, but was turned down because he had a wife and children.  He was a man of God who spent his life in the service of his Lord and Savior, his family, and community.  He served with the Boy Scouts of America for decades, working with the Republican Party, and getting involved in local political endeavors.  He earned a BA in Political Science and was a lifelong student of history, philosophy, and politics.  His life was a passion for the Lord, the Constitution, and our founding principles and was revered by all who knew him for his selfless service.


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