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Civil society is dependent upon the symbiosis between its fundamental principles of liberty, responsibility, and accountability. When these principles are balanced with the individual citizens, they act as a catalyst in elevating synergy within the community and society.


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About Mobius Strip Press

Mobius-Strip: A continuum relative surface
MobiusStripPress: A continuum of relative narratives

Constitutional Orthodoxy:

Is adhering to the codified processes that were established within the Constitution, to dictate and enumerate the limited general government of our Hybrid Constitutional Republic.


Mobius Strip Press was established for the following 6 reasons:


  1. To provide sources and references that help define what form of government the framers established.
  2. To reaffirm that the States are the
    • Parents of the existing Federal, general, or child government seated in Washington DC
    • The States possess the authority and are the final arbiters as to what is Constitutional and what is not
        1. Per the Ratification Debates
        2. Per Article V
        3. Per the 10th Amendment
        4. Contrary to Executive Orders signed by the POTUS
        5. Contrary to Legislation passed and promulgated by Congress
        6. Contrary to rulings and opinions advanced by the SCOTUS
  3. To map and delineate the current Constitutional framework, and what currently falls outside the existing Constitution though county and State legislative action
  4. To establish a trust that will provide:
    • Separate trust for funding
      1. The architectural design for an online continuous federal review
      2. To define the framework for the States to again function as the creators and parent of the Federal, general, or child government seated in Washington DC.
      3. To ensure efficient and effect collaboration between the States
  5. To initiate open and honest dialogue between the States as to unconstitutional matters and organizations established by the Federal, general, or child government seated in Washington DC
  6. To help forge a path forward to become a prosperous Republic, that is based again upon
    • Liberty
    • Responsibility
    • Accountability











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