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Civil society is wholly dependent upon the symbiosis between the fundamental principles of liberty: free agency, responsibility, and accountability. When these principles are balanced and in harmony with the individual citizens, Liberty then can act as a catalyst in elevating synergy within the community and society. These synergies will lead to stronger spiritual well being, greater productivity, improved health, and development of wealth.

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Constitutional Orthodoxy:

Constitutional Orthodoxy is adhering to the codified processes that were established within the Constitution as defined by the States (founders) during the ratification process.  Consequently, the founders dictated and enumerated the limitations and scope of the general government as a delegated entity within the Hybrid Constitutional Republic.  Returning to Constitutional Orthodoxy is the only course that will preserve the Constitution, Individual Liberty, and the Republic.



Cover Letter


Our Fellow Patriots and Citizens

America, or what our framers and I will refer to as the Republic, is in desperate need of all our help.  Therefore, let me be upfront with you.  I am asking for your help in organizing a concise and comprehensive Constitutional solution to “Reclaim the Republic” and we can do it with less money than it would take to run an average Senate Candidacy because the focus will be at the local (State) level, leveraging all existing conservative organizations (i.e. TEA Party, Oath Keepers, etc.).  At the end of this correspondence, we have an abstract of how we can get this unique and important message and content onto cable television and how we will reach out to all 50 States.  The content and message on these TV programs will provide the detailed information necessary to save the Constitution and the Republic without having to engage a national election or the Federal Government.  The message and content will cover why this is possible.  As such, we will accomplish what no other grass movement has been able to do since the American Revolution – rid ourselves of a growing tyrannical/despotic Federal government.  This is because we are founded upon saving and supporting individual liberty and sovereignty.

As political efforts are beginning to prepare for the 2016 Presidential bid, your name has come up as a principle contributor or supporter to Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign in 2012.  Whether this is true or not, I feel canvassing all potential conservatives is critical to our success.  Consequently, I am confident that you will be asked to again contribute in the coming months and year for the upcoming GOP 2016 candidate.  If you contributed to the Romney campaign because you wanted to be listed with the potential candidate for access to political opportunity, then you can discard this message, and I apologize for the disruption this correspondence has caused you.  However, if your contributions or support were based on the shared belief that with a good leader like Mr. Romney as President; that he would have been able to turn the country around, then I too shared your hope.  Regardless of how much we have contributed or not; to almost all, it appears nothing can help us and this is where our message and content along with your help can make an incredible difference.

I have concluded after President Reagan’s terms in office that the national elections will never invoke the needed reversal in our nation’s direction; at best, the national election today is strictly a damage control measure, keeping the ship afloat.  The tone and sentiment across America is one of anger, anguish, and anxiety because I believe the reality is finally beginning to sink in that we are about to collapse as a nation.  What makes this a reality is that our national election process and our court systems are broken and no longer functioning as designed.  It is folly for anyone to believe we can purge Washington of its corruption and equally insane to believe that by replacing jurists on the Supreme Court we can once again obtain Constitutional justice.  This is because the source of where these politicians and jurists come from has been tainted for over a century.  In addition, the evidence is overwhelming that the GOP “organization” is not trying to save America, nor have they for well over a century; they are only trying to gain control from progressives and administer the leviathan government that both Parties have usurped over the last 165 years.  The GOP may be a better alternative; however, they offer no Constitutional solutions and lack vision as a path back to the limited and defined government that the framers endowed us with in 1789.  I can say this because I have studied our founding documents more than deceased Chief Justice John Marshall.

Again, as a nation we are truly at the precipice of losing our individual liberty and sovereignty; and today, the Constitution is “hanging by a thread.”  This message may appear long, but I guarantee this message 1) will be time well spent, if you value our individual liberty and sovereignty, 2) will clarify a solution that is based upon the founding principles, and 3) truly possess a clear vision of how we can reclaim the Republic and place it on the path the framers intended.  Therefore, I beg of your patience, endurance, and indulgence with the extent of this message.


I and many Constitutionalists are convinced that the national elections cannot and will not change the course of this nation; however, I differ from a few Constitutionalists who are vested in the party system and when I engage with those who differ with me I have batted a thousand regarding my assertion that only the Republic can save itself, and that we have little time left.  That said, I have an alliance with a Los Angeles area Talk Show Host Douglas V. Gibbs and others in reclaiming the Republic with “Republic Review.”  We also understand several vested conservatives and liberals are selling the idea of an Article V Convention, a Convention of the States, or floating ideas like “Liberty Amendments,” which are all the same as the aforementioned Article V or Convention of the States.  I will not waste your time now with why this will not work and can assure you that in a future meeting I can answer this and all your questions regarding alternate non-solution ideas.  My plan is 1) simple, 2) Constitutional, and 3) aligns with James Madison and the framers during the ratification debates.  In a nutshell, our intent is a call for a Convention to audit the Federal government against the Constitution, which is what I referred to before as a “Republic Review.”   This Republic Review is not a convention to rewrite or amend the Constitution, but rather an instrument to reel back the Federal government to its’ intended function and limited scope as the Framer’s initially envisioned. 

A simple description of the argument supporting the plan

If one understands that the Constitution is a “contract” amongst the States, to not only create and define the general (i.e. Federal) government with limited and defined powers, but this contract also created a perpetual union of these same States.  In addition, all the States possess the responsibility of oversight over the Federal government and I academically prove this in my books and presentations.  This is also why in the Constitution, Article V endows power strictly to the States to grant or deny what I referred to before as roles, responsibilities, and powers (RRP’s) to the Federal government.  The Federal government was never given any power to assume new RRP’s without State approval.  Supreme Court rulings or opinion, Executive Orders, or Congressional Legislation cannot grant themselves new powers; again, per the Constitution, only the States possess power to delegate or deny powers to the Federal government.

If one reads “the debates of the Constitutional Convention” (i.e. Madison’s notes), the “Federalist Papers,” the “Anti-Federalist Papers” and the “debates of the Ratification process of the Constitution” by each State, one would have a precise and clear picture of the framers sentiments in all the States.  Therefore, from reading these founding documents, one can only conclude that all powers and controls that were not delegated or enumerated to the Federal government were left to the States.  Anyone who understands contract law will understand that when the parties (the States) are directly involved in negotiations with the authors of the contract and they reach an accord regarding the definitions and intents, these new asserted definitions become legally binding. This is exactly what happened during the “Ratification Debates.” Furthermore, because editing documents was so difficult, these documents (the Ratification Debates) become appendages or extensions of this contract and honorable men like Madison labored prodigiously to adhere to these intents and definitions.  Even more amazing, one will find that each of the States were almost unanimous in all their definitions and assertions.  This substantiates the strict limitations that they placed on the Federal Government during the ratification process.  

I can provide the academic how the Federal government slide the rug out from under the Republic, and prove they did it in strict violation to the Constitution.  Furthermore, I can also provide the academic and legal precedence that all Branches have egregiously violated the Constitution and today, the Federal governments’ self-definition of their supreme power is the antithesis of what was defined in these contract negotiations from 1787 to 1791.  This clearly supports the urgency in convening a Convention for Republic Review.  Consequently, our Federal government asserts unconstitutional powers and their budget consists of 70-80% of unconstitutional outlays on unconstitutional RRP’s.  We have a window of opportunity to execute a cooperative plan that will not only stop our destructive direction, but reverse it to the one we should all seek that guarantees individual liberty and sovereignty through a limited and defined Federal Government.

To be clear, what we are proposing is the most dangerous assertion since the Revolutionary War, for we are standing up against unconstitutional tyranny like we stood up to King George. Unlike the Revolutionary war, we have our Constitution on our side and our Republic’s side.  We are clearly stating our contract has been blatantly violated and the time has come to audit this contract (i.e. the Constitution).  If we are a government for and of the people within each respective State, then we do not need a Revolution.  As stated, we (the States and their citizens) already possess the power to assume our legal role as the chief stakeholders and contractual controllers of the Constitution.  Therefore, as the States convene a convention for Republic Review, those States will then have the power to collectively call out all the violations starting with the 1849 act that created the Department of Interior, which was assumed/usurped by the Federal Government when they failed to amend the Constitution for this RRP.  As a collective Republic in Convention, the Federal Government can either return all these unconstitutional powers back to the States that are not delegated to them via the amendment process or the States must insist that Congress follow the Constitution (i.e. Article V) and amend the Constitution so that these RRP’s can be formally and contractually delegated to the Federal government.  Per our Constitution, this is the only way the Federal government can constitutionally exercise any power through delegation.

What can you do?

We are requesting just a little more of your time to give you what we believe is enough insight, which cannot be placed into an introduction letter.  By giving you these insights, we are convinced you will be overwhelmed enough to change your contributions towards elections and that you will be empowered with an assurance to support what we believe is our paramount endeavor “Republic Review.”  There are several ways one can support this effort either as an individual or as a business; whether one chooses to directly advertise, sponsor, purchasing our book series for re-distribution, or simple donations, we believe one can find an avenue to contribute. 

To get more informed, one can read our current books; the first is: “We the People: Whose Constitution is it Anyway – A Constitutional Fix to A Constitutional Problem,” and the second is: “We the People: The Strategy to Convene a Convention – For Republic Review.”  The first is the irrefutable argument that we must convene a convention and the second is the strategy as to how to convene this convention.  In addition, we need you to set aside your paradigm as to what you now believe is Constitutional and challenge your biases with the aforementioned founding documents.  Then we need you to consider the strategy purposed in “We the People: The Strategy to Convene a Convention – For Republic Review,” which we will begin executing in 2015.  If you do this, I am confident we can endow America with hope; and with a small force of what we call Constitutional warriors, we can do this rather quickly.  I have presentations on YouTube that you can find on our site  that discusses this strategy.  I am confident that meeting in person or in a telephone conversation will allow us to answer your questions dynamically, and help you facilitate a judgment on your part as to whether we are fools or what we claim as the ones who are pointing to our only solution.  If you are interested in learning more and how you can contribute to our Reclaiming of the Republic, of which we have heavily invested into already, please contact us by:

Internet Answering System:  425-270-5416 (please leave a message)
Email us at info[at]
Or Email me directly at grmobley[at]


There are three phases to the plan which were delineated in our book “We the People: The Strategy to Convene a Convention – For Republic Review:”

Phase I

This phase has 2 components.

  1. Running an advertising campaign

The first and primary part to this phase is running an advertising campaign on NewsMax, The Blaze, and possibly other conservative channels/mediums.  The ad will have three functions.  First and foremost and with a positive tone, the ad will provide hope and identify the need for a convention for Republic Review and how we can no longer count on the national elections or the Supreme Court to save the Constitution or the Republic.  The ad will be content rich with a list government atrocities or what we refer to as Federal marketing in a banner at the top section of the video.  In a banner at the bottom of the video we will list when the segments (listed below) will begin airing and where viewers can get all the info on these shows at our website “” (we have secured the Domain name already).   What will give America hope?  In short, the concept of Republic Review and the proof of this concept that will be delivered in the content shows.  The ad will also run on our site, YouTube, and other supporting sites.  We have begun laying out the Republic Review segments that we plan to air during late night “paid programming” periods in which we will review and teach the topics listed below:

  1. Compiling 30 minute Content Videos

Republic Review Content Segments

  1. Introduction and how we plan to get the most out of the content videos.
  2. History of individual liberty.
  3. Historical fundamentals of our Republic and the Constitution.
  4. Precisely how politicians and judges began and continued deviating from the Constitution allowing the Federal government to usurp new RRP’s.
  5. The paths of resistance and how all but one are futile and why only one can get the Republic and the Federal government back into the original Constitutional framework that defines the roles, responsibilities and powers of the Federal government and how we can use twenty-first century technology to do this.
  6. The power of the Republic and how to conduct a “Republic Review” (audit the Constitution).
  7. The strategy or tactics to getting organized in each State.
  8. The process of Republic Review and recommendations moving forward.

Supporting Historical Content Segments by Douglas V. Gibbs

  1. The Constitutional Convention.
  2. The Constitution segments 1 – 8

During Phase I we should be wrapping up the filming of all these content videos listed above. 

Phase II

This phase will begin with the setup of the Republic Review Fusion Intelligence Center (FIC).   Prior to 30 minute content segments being aired, the FIC will begin contacting local State leaders and patriotic organizations to prepare their organizations to tune in, record, and learn how to begin getting involved with the Republic Review efforts and taking back the Republic.  The FIC will work with organizations like the Constitution Association and their members and volunteers to call, and reach out to each States conservative organizations and political leadership as well as the conservative State Legislators.  In tandem with the Republic Review segments above, the Constitution Association will also air supporting historical content segments that provide additional Constitutional support and relevance to further substantiate the argument for Republic Review.
As the Republic Review segments are airing, the FIC will begin coordinating and scheduling new additional blocks of program scheduling available during late night time slots for engaging with State leaders and patriotic organizations in helping them become organized as a part of Phase III “reality” broadcasting.  Once phase I Republic Review segments are airing (these will run for a three to six month period) we will begin shooting new content and begin introducing State leadership that will build upon the previous segments:

  1. Founding Documents Classes.
  2. Detailed historical content on Constitutional challenges over the past two plus centuries.
  3. Begin breaking up two to four 30 minute segments of paid programming slots into 2 segments that will identify the State organization leaders and structure and report State objectives and progress.  Each week active States will be able to update their progress and status.  As more States become active we will prepare them for filming and adding them to these time slots for status reports.

Every patriotic organization and conservative leader will come running to get engaged as they learn the process and opportunity from phase II content so they too can be a part of the coming change. 

Phase III

Phase III should begin six to nine months after the initial advertising campaign begins for Phase I.  It is anticipated that strong conservative States will quickly get organized and begin moving their legislatures to calling for Republic Review to other States.  The Republic Review FIC will begin to provide supplemental information highlighting obstacles within States and State Legislatures who are getting close to call for a convention and have leaders share known successes on the States “reality” segments.  This will also begin to allow State reporters and statespersons to rise and become embedded with the State legislators and their ground work preparing for the Republic Review. 
We anticipate 20 of the Red States (see map below) will take less than a year to acquiesce to call for the Convention for Republic Review and working with other States to unite the additional States required in convening the Republic Review in less than 12 months’ time.  In doing this, the language will go forward as to how to limit the conventions power and scope to only auditing and dismantling unconstitutional RRP’s that fail to get the Constitutional support.   This will all be addressed in our third book “We the People: Reclaiming the Republic.”  As such, the States that are ready will work in tandem with the Republic Review FIC for engaging the remaining States that are less likely to adopt immediately and may require an election cycle to swing far enough to the right to acquiesce in participating in the Republic Review process until after the election.

The Cost

The cost of professional productions, airtime for two years and FIC labor will cost $1,618,100. However the increase in subscribers will amount to millions for the cable channel that broadcasts the content, in addition to the increase in sponsorships and advertising. Cable channels that are positioned best to carry this and benefit exponentially are Glenn Beck's Blaze Satellite television channel and NEWSMAX Satellite television channel; therefore the pricing reflects airing on either channel. The Satellite station will make the majority of the money identified, unless they join in the effort and then the aforementioned cost will be significantly less.

Additional details

The ultimate goal is for a minimum of 34 State Legislatures to call for and convene a Convention for Republic Review.  The overall process of converting these initial 34 State Legislatures to call for a Convention for Republic Review is to first target local officials to champion the call to Republic Review by signing petitions to demand the State Legislatures call for Republic Review.  The idea is to educate a body of about 100 people who are “active in attending political events” and have them confront, teach, and persuade their local politicians and elected officials sign petitions to be sent to the States Legislature.  Petitions are already available as well as statements of fact that can be used to confront, teach, and persuade these local politicians and elected officials to honor their oath of office and sign petition to send to the State Legislators.  Bear in mind most politicians and elected officials in conservative states will quickly sign these petitions as they learn the power of the Republic and Republic Review.  These local politicians are Sheriffs, Mayor’s, councilpersons, elected board members, and those who would represent a very large group of the electorate.  In essence, we are targeting all who raise their arm to the square and take the oath of office to “protect and defend” the Constitution of the United States.

Obviously, the ground work is more complex than the typical 90 second elevator sales pitch; however, the structure of concerned citizens already exists within several organizations such as Oath Keepers, TEA Party, John Birch Society, and others.  The FIC will engage and network these organizations into working together on the common principle of saving the Republic.  This type of information and ground movement will create a tremendous opportunity for a new broadcasting channel.  Thus, creating a fountain of information that the populace is already well on record  and thirsting for.  This alone will differentiate this one channel from the rest.  Can this create a massive shift in viewers?  Absolutely!

Those who have joined this effort already recognize Republic Review as the elixir that has been missing in all grass movement organizations and recognize it as our only hope to restore our Constitutional Republic back to a limited and defined government.  This is not a “vote for our guy” and things will get better, this is “We the People” taking back the Republic by demanding the Constitution be followed.  I am positive you will share our confidence and optimism regarding the opportunities this content and programming time frame will have in reshaping broadcasting as well as the nation.  I look forward to meeting with you and discussing the advertising and programming details.  If you would like my resume’ to garner more about my background please let me know, my website bio is heavily filtered due to my career in the Intelligence Community. 

This is an aggressive plan and schedule and dependent upon funding.  If this plan is executed immediately, the nation will have a different take on the 2016 election altogether.  We need financial support and would prefer those who can please advertise on our content or sponsor the content.  This way a business can write off their advertising costs since we are not a non-profit organization Money can be deposited into a separate account or paid directly to the “broadcasting stations” to ensure the integrity of the transaction.  Thank you.

The Map

Map source:

May God save the Republic!


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